Frequently Asked Questions

Which Building codes does it support?

Tekla Structures supports all codes based on region or country.

How does Tekla Structures compare with other BIM softwares like AutoCAD or BIMWorx?

Companies that utilize BIM, like Skanska and Barton Malow, have reported benefits for project management, scheduling, estimation and risk analysis, more collaborative processes and better facility management. Model-based workflow brings the opportunity to try out solutions in advance before building the structure on site: with a constructible model, the structure can be prototyped virtually. Project parties can understand and review the design, its accuracy and completeness more easily. It is also easier to visualize and evaluate the cost, time and other project parameters. BIM has gathered compliments for improved communication between project parties and generally better quality.

BIM softwares

BIM is more than visual 3D

All construction software models and drawings representing a building are not BIM, for example, models that contain only visual 3D data but no object attributes, or those that allow changes to dimensions in one view but do not automatically reflect those changes in other views. These examples miss the above-mentioned data for supporting the construction, fabrication, and procurement.

How to make connections in Tekla?

It's very easy, in the software all types of connections are available in connection library. Apart from that features are also available to make custom connections.

What are common errors in structural analysis using tekla structure?

If there are problems in creating an analysis model, Tekla Structures shows a warning sign in the Analysis & Design Models dialog box when you select the analysis model.

In the Analysis & Design Models dialog box:

a. Select an analysis model.

b. If a warning sign appears, click Display warnings

Tekla error dialog box

Tekla Structures displays a warning dialog box that lists the problem types which have occurred in the analysis model creation. For example:

Tekla error dialog box

The numbers in the parentheses indicate how many instances of the same problem type there are in the analysis model.

Can Tekla be used for steel and concrete rebar and precast detailing with final drawing? Will there be practise examples for this in the course?

Yes, you can use Tekla Structures for steel / concrete as well as rebar & Precast detaling. Steel & concreate sofware module are separate in Tekla Structures software

Is designing covered in course?

No, Tekla Designer module is separate. We are providing course for Steel Detailing Module only.

Is certificate from Trimble or Cognitio?

The course certificate is from Trimble.

A video lesson for course overview
Takeaway from Course
  • After completion of training students will be
  • 1. Able to build structural models as shown in figures below
  • 2. Able to enhance his ability of grasping power and gain confidence
  • 3. Able to handle structural models indpendently