How to create a Grid

Why Grid is important in the model:

Grid is the basic element in the model based on the grid we shall locate the element position in the model.

Once we create the grid in model (3d view we can extract 2d view each grid line) we can extract 2d view of grid in form of Elevation and plans. Based on that view we can easily locate or place the element in the model.

You can place grid in any form (Rectangular / Inclined /Circular)

  • 1. Read your base level plan carefully (as per IFC drawing).
  • 2. Select the grid.
  • 3. Property box will be popup in a property pane.
  • 4. Change the property as per requirement in property pane.
  • 5. Add the points as per dimensions in X-Y-Z AXIS.
  • 6. Add labels to the grids such as A, B, C….& 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • 7. Select Modify option.
  • 8. Grid placed.