Tekla ( X-Steel ) is a BIM (Building Information Management Software.
It is useful for Modeling, Detailing & Project communication.
This software enables user to create and manage 3D structure model in concrete and steel and guide them through the process of concept to fabrication.
We can create , combine & share multi material models in Tekla and 2D drawings is by-product of model.
It saves time & makes project more profitable.

Tekla’s courses are designed for structural engineers, professional draftsman and civil engineering students. Successful candidates are awarded industry - recognized certificate directly by Tekla(Trimble).

Scope of Tekla Structure : Tekla is one of the fastest growing technology and Globally adopted in Industries like Engineering , Construction, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas & many more. Tekla Certification will add value to your profile and present you with high paying carrer opportunities such as Tekla Modeller, Tekla Detailer, Tekla Checker.

Why Tekla is better? AutoCAD use is limited to Drawing ( Drafting ), which will offer limited career growth. Tekla certification enables one to be able to work on 3D module and can become an expert in modeling, drawing, detailing, designing from concept to fabrication.

Our Trainers: We have dedicated team of Trainers for Tekla. They have immense knowledge and experience in steel industry.

Advantage Cognitio

Cognitio offers project based training, we have industry expert trainers and offer internships.

Scholarship for Freshers

To meet expectations of Industry, Freshers need to upgrade in technology with Experience. Cognitio Education Hub is offering Tekla Structure - Steel Detailing Course along with Internship in the form of Scholarship for selected students. Internship is for duration of 6 Month with a well known consulting company in steel design sector. During internship you will work on live project and accustom yourself with best Industries practices. On successful completion of internship, you will receive internship certificate from the consulting company. This will help you find dream job with high confidence!

  • Required Technical course completed (Draftsman/ engineers).
  • Basic computer knowledge required.
Who this course is for
  • Civil Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Technical Draughtsmen
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Professions working on Steel Structure Projects
What you will learn
  • To create structural models usig Tekla software and extracting the 2D erection and fabrication joints
  • To understand and use interface for Tekla Software
  • Design a variety of structures using steel or other materials.
  • Intelligent model creation of any size or complexity with ease and precision.
  • To simplify revisions in drawings and reports by building fully integrated models
Academic Highlights

We provide feasible batches for college students & working professionals of 40 hours with practice sessions.
Get hands-on learning sessions with live projects through internship and job assistance.

A video lesson for course overview
Course Content
  • Introduction to Tekla Structures
  • A) Modeling
  • 1. Basic Industrial Standard Practice
  • 2. Basic 3D Modelling
  • 3. System Components
  • 4. Interactive Modelling & Building Custom Components
  • 5. Modelling Techniques
  • 6. Modelling Stairs , Ladders and Handrails.
  • 7. Profile Sketching/Symbol Editor
  • 8. Working with component
  • 9. Numbering and reports
  • B) Drawing
  • 1. Principles of working with drawings
  • 2. Creating General arrangements drawings
  • 3. Creating Assembly Drawings
  • 4. Creating Single Part Drawings
  • 5. Multi Drawings and multi numbering
  • 6. Creating Anchor Bolt Plans
  • 7. Revision Control and Drawing Management
  • 8. Drawing classifier
  • 9. Drawing Layout Setup
  • 10.Importing Attribute
  • 11.Extracting Bill of Material
  • 12.CNC File Creation
Takeaway from Course
  • After completion of training students will be
  • 1. Able to build structural models as shown in figures below
  • 2. Able to enhance his ability of grasping power and gain confidence
  • 3. Able to handle structural models indpendently
Why Cognitio?

We are an Authorized Tekla training partner, please refer official Tekla site.

Certification of course will be issued by Trimble the owner of Tekla software. Cognitio is facilitator for the course, it means training will be initiated by Cognitio, if student opts for our Tekla certification course option, exams for such students will be taken by Tekla (Trimble).

Issued Tekla certificate is acceptable in all countries.

Designed in Tekla:

Tekla Structures used to create stadiums, plants and factories, offshore structures, residential buildings, bridges and skyscrapers. Following structures have been designed using Tekla Structures.

Student Reviews
  • Reviews
    Sonam Ladkat
    Structural Detailer, Pune

    After learning and using TEKLA I can easily get any sectional view. Using TEKLA it's now even easier to get 2d detailing of small parts.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    Nishigandha Dilip Waje
    Student, Mumbai

    Cognitio Education Hub is best tekla training institute. It helps me to boost up myself towards designing field. With the help of this training I can clear my all doubts. Each command in software is totally explained by the trainer.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    Bhasme Pratit Sunil
    Design Engineer, Sangli

    Their way of teaching and clarification of doubts is very simple; so I cpuld understand easily each and every topic of the program.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    Roshani Pawar
    Tekla Detailer, Mumbai

    After training I got placed in a reputed Company as a steel detailer! With Cognitio I learnt intelligent model creation of any size or complexity with ease and precision. Trainer's teaching and method of explaining was very nice.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    Kishor Zodage
    Detailer, Pune

    Training is good! I liked the lessons for Custom Component & Template Editing. Mr. Vinay Mane is a very good trainer for Tekla. He taught me all minor details and resolved all doubts in my training session.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    Ajay Das Ukey
    Sr. Civil Structure Designer, Mumbai

    Connection detailing makes the job very easy for all steel detailer. The trainer is having technical sound knowledge, and is also quick at solving our doubts. Also a good kind adjustable person, explanation was very easy to understand for all levels of students, especially for new student.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    Vikram Singh Panesar
    Deputy General Manager, Delhi

    Modelling & Custom Components (Macros) are the Crux of Detailing and are most Beneficial. Trainer is very competent with excellent knowledge of the subject and very very helpful.

    / 5 Star
  • Ashraf review
    Ashraf Shebi
    Civil Engineer, Egypt

    Learning custom component part was very benficial for me. Now I can customize TEKLA design according to my requirement.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    Tejas Nandkishor Gaikwad
    Student, Nashik

    Best training as per industry standard. Trainer is helpful and provides individual attention to students.

    / 5 Star
  • Reviews
    Abdur Rehman Khan
    Student, Aligarh

    Liked the course as I learnt 3D modeling on Tekla. Trainer was good and taught connections and drawing editing in detail.

    / 5 Star
Limited time offer - save 25%!

Rs. 17,000 / USD 247.5

Rs. 22,000 / USD 330

Upcoming batches: 9th August (Mon-Fri)
Enquire at: +91 85910 28936

This course includes

  • Hands-on practicals
  • Cognitio Certificate on completion
  • Tekla Certification (with additional charges)
  • Project
  • Mentoring

August Batches

  • Batch 1: 9th Aug- 7th Sep
  • Timing: Mon to Fri - 8am to 11am
  • Batch 2: 9th Aug- 7th Sep
  • Timing: Mon to Fri - 1pm to 4pm
  • Batch 3: 9th Aug- 7th Sep
  • Timing: Mon to Fri - 7pm to 10pm
Enquire at: +91 85910 28936

September Batches

  • Batch 1: 13th Sep - 8th Oct
  • Timing: Mon to Fri - 8am to 11am
  • Batch 2: 13th Sep - 8th Oct
  • Timing: Mon to Fri - 1pm to 4pm
  • Batch 3: 13th Sep - 8th Oct
  • Timing: Mon to Fri - 7pm to 10pm
  • Batch 4: 13th Sep - 8th Oct
  • Timing: Sat-Sun from 3pm to 7pm
Enquire at: +91 85910 28936